Alison Fung's experience in Kowloon
Lei Yue Mun
Flanking one side of a narrow channel at the end of Victoria Harbor, Lei Yue Mun is a small fishing village with history that dates backs to the 1700s. A long pedestrian walkway cuts through the center of the village from the entrance all the way to the Tin Hau temple, built by the village’s ancient clan in 1753 to worship the Goddess of the Sea. The temple is built on a rocky foundation and a small doorway on its right leads to the back of the temple onto a rocky shore. As a historic fishing village and an outpost for pirates, the village is also home to a number of seafood restaurants. It's one of the best spots to soak in the coastal heritage of Hong Kong, yet not too far off from the city center. #hongkong #seafood #fishingvillage #togo #attraction #historic #heritage #temple #tinhautemple #goddessofthesea #cultural
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