Where To Eat In Liberec According To A Local
Eateries in Liberec offer some pretty decent finds, worthy in any central European capital. The difference is simply, price. Where the town may lack in choice of international eating options - unlike Budapest or Prague - it makes up for with value for money. For as little as $20 US you can eat as much, and more, for half as much as the costs in the capital. Pasta dishes come in at five dollars and a glass of local beer as little as $1.50 US for a 0.5 litre measure. There's an old Czech joke about a boy who walks into a pub and asks for a Pilsner. The barman remarks that he's too young and that he should order a glass of lemonade instead. The boy ripostes that he'd like to but is short of a few Crowns (10 cents). This is the extent of things here in a land where beer is cheaper than bottled water and pop.
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