Michelle F.'s question in Thailand

Attraction / Outdoor

Hello, ?? I have a trip to Bangkok, coming up on August, I will he bouncing around from place to place but I would like some recommendations on where to go, and how hard it is to get around either by train or car? We like doing things outdoors and trying new things and food! Any advice, any suggestions would be amazing!

Chatuchak has everything in a market, including great food. It's easy to get to by train.
I had really delicious food at Krua Apsorn.
I could add lots more. I used mostly train, canal boats, and River boat to get around. I got around pretty easily and cheaply. The traffic is really bad in Bangkok, so taxis/Ubers can take forever
if you want more suggestions, just let me know!
That's great! So basically taking the train to the hotel is my best option? Or would that depend on the time?
From the airport? Depends on the time, definitely, and where your hotel is.