Tara Urban-Engel's question in Thailand

Attraction / Outdoor

A friend and I are going to Thailand at the end of May. We’re headed north for the majority of our short trip. I’m wondering if you’d suggest spending s day in Bangkok to see some sights? Or focus time in the north (I’ll likely return to Thailand in future, I’m going for a mental health get away/ taste of the country)

The North is where it’s at! (In my opinion) if you’re likely to return to Thailand anyways, it’s likely you’ll be in Bangkok again for flights and whatnot and have a day to explore. I do LOVE Bangkok, despite it being a large totally chaotic city but if it’s a mental health get away jet up North for some nature and chillin!
I think it also depends on how many days you are going to spend in Thailand during this trip. If you want to check out Thailand as a place for a moderate to long term stay during this visit, you may want to see the city (BKK) and the rustic (Northern Thailand) to assess its suitability for you.
I agree with the above comments. However, if you have the time I would definitely recommend you to spend a couple of days in Bangkok! It is such a cool city! Enjoy :) xx