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Indochina Travel Question. I would like to ask, if September is a good month to travel Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos?

Ideally you would wait a few months for the dry season as September is towards the end of the rainy season so it will be fairly hot and likely quite rainy. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go (especially if you can’t go any other time) but just be aware and pack accordingly (lots of socks and rain… 
I was in Borneo, Vietnam and Cambodia this past September -mid October for a month. We had maybe 7 days of rain (sometimes only for a few hours) and then it was great weather!
Hi Tara, Im planning to go there first 2 weeks of September.
It might be a bit rainy still earlier in September. My experiences were rain starting around 1:00 or 2:00 for maybe 2 hours and then it stopped. In Hanoi we had a couple of rain days but as long as you’re dressed for it, it’s still warm and not all that bad (you can easily find inexpensive poncho and umbrella)