Georgiana's question in Lebanon

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Hey! Planning to go to Beirut, Lebanon for 4 days. What are the best things to do for a first timer in just these few days?

Heyy!! Weekend included right?
When are the exact dates?
I’ll give you a full schedule because it is truely beautiful
Beirut is one of my dream destinations so I will be following this thread! I hope you post what to do here. :)
yess! 13-16th next week..thanks a lot?
I’m glad it is Scott! It’s definitely a place to visit! So Georgiana, for transportation, I do not advice you to rent a car only because driving in Lebanon is kind of crazy. You will feel like you’re in a race with everyone else and they are all trying to cross you. if you’re used to organized calm… 
Kalei coffee co. Is a super cute place to go to if you would like to have breakfast or coffee or anything like that. There’s also zaitunay bay. It’s so beautiful there as well. It’s in the capital so you can go to these places once you land or if you’re tired and you don’t feel like going on far trips. So many restaurants there.
Aww..thank you so much, so sweet of you to give me such a detailed plan. I will be with a friend and we stay in Hamra area. Should we take a guide or a driver to take us around?
Hamra is perfect! No no uber is pretty easy to use. There are always these tour guides happening that I never used so I can’t really recommend them but I just hope you see all sides of Lebanon! Like experience the capital, north and south. So many different cultures!
thank you again for all these explanations and details. Cant wait to reach there! ❤️ I will keep you posted!
Hey - just uploaded a sweet list of 10 must-see spots in Beirut, might help you plan your itinerary!