Sarah Collins's question in Lebanon

Attraction / Outdoor

Hi everyone, I am heading to Lebanon next week and am wanting to do these sites: - Byblos, Jeita Grotto and Harissa - freya (hiring a snow mobile) - Balbak - Jounieh Are all of these places doable without getting a guided tour? How do people go about getting transport to some of these places as I know jeita grotto does not have public transport there. I have heard the cost of hiring a car for the day is 80USD although there is a guided tour for 95USD. Just looking for cheap options to explore without guides if possible. Also if you know any cheap accommodation in Beirut please let me know!

Hi Sarah You don’t need any guided tour You can do all alone Also you can rent a car which is much cheaper than using taxi or Uber Byblos & Hariassa can be done in the same day 3 hours & if you are early morning person you can make jeita too - Automatic cars are from 35 dollars per day i can… Send me email to send you Contacts for hotel & car
Thanks very much! I have sent you an email