Mw's question in Lebanon

Food / Outdoor

Any recommendations for a solo trip through Beirut?

Hey! It depends on what you’re interested in, but you will need to get out of Beirut and go to the surrounding cities to get the full experience in Lebanon. Let me know how long you’re staying and what you’re looking for exactly. Beirut is known for its party life.
Thanks! I've heard the surrounding areas are doable in a day trip. Is this true? I don't want to deviate from the city as I'll be going alone. I'm not so much into partying, more outdoor activities and cultural sight seeing.
That is true! That’s one of the unique characteristics of Lebanon. You can go all around during a day if you plan it right to avoid traffic times. In the city itself you should go to everything on my list. Those summarize the city itself, but unfortunately the true culture would be outside the… 
Thanks. Because I'm going alone, I'd need a reliable and safe driver. How easy is it to find a good driver to take me around?
Yes in contrast to most beliefs, Lebanon is a safe place. People will help you in any way they can. Driving is pretty crazy though, just a heads up. You can order from allo taxi (taxi company) or star taxi. Taxi companies are the safest, but they can get a little pricy. I do not advice you to take the bus.
Thanks. Is it possible to do byblos in a day and back? Or do you recommend staying there?
You can definitely do Byblos in a day and back. Try to go there in the morning to avoid traffic. You can have breakfast at waterfront and then head out at 11 to Byblos, have lunch there and then back to Beirut at like 5. I think that’s the best time to avoid traffic.
thanks for everything; my trip was a success!