Alice Latham's question in United States


Heading to Joshua Tree NP for a weekend with some friends in September. We'll be staying at a motel just outside the park. Any recommendations for trails and spots to hit? And as always any eating and drinking recs are welcome too ?

If you're into photography I highly recommend shooting in the park at sunrise. So beautiful and the chill is nice once you've experienced the full heat of the day. Also, if you're renting a car look into an SUV, there are some dirt two tracks (nothing hard, no experience needed, just bumpy) that… 
Thanks ! will try and do the sunrise as you suggest☺️
Pappy & Harriets is a little drive but so worth it! Amazing BBQ and live music
Cool looking at a map it looks like it's on the way to JTNP if you're driving from LA so defs doable!
Matador did a video about P&H place looks amazing
went to P&H - great rec! Thanks Jen!