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Planning a trip to Vietnam and Thailand. Looking for off the beaten trail experiences...suggestions?

Only spent a day in Vietnam
But been to Thailand 5 times and hope to go back in November
I like ko Chang
I will check it out. Thanks!
Po Nagar Temple complex right outside Nha Trang
In Thailand stay at Haad Tien Resort. In Vietnam be sure to trek through Sapa Valley.
In Thailand lookup the krabilife homestay, is about an hour outside of krabi, a Small village, you stay with Rong and his family and he will show you the real Thailand and their way of life, they are all very welcoming! They have 10 bungalows that look like igloos, it's super cool!
Also sukothai has amaaazing ruins, most people skip over
It's been several years since i was in Vietnam but the coolest thing i did that was off the beaten path was stay at a place called Jungle Beach. Got dropped off at a gas station in the early morning and picked up by a worker, driven down a long dirt road to a beautiful and secluded beach. The food… 
Did a homestay in Vietnam a few years back and it was definitely off the tourist track in the Mekong Delta region near Can Tho...Hung Homestay, hopefully they still have a website. Drank beer and rice whiskey with the owner while learning to make homemade spring rolls from his 80 year old mother.
Oh yeah... i really enjoyed Phu Quoc as well... Not exactly off the beaten path i don't think but you can rent a scooter and set off to explore the island on your own
I was just in Vietnam and Cambodia 11/2017. ha long bay, Hanoi n Saigon. Lots of Temples. Enjoy your journey. We went with an amazing tour company let me know if u have interest in info.