Marina Emi's question in Japan

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Do you guys think it’s a good idea for me (a 17 year old girl) to travel alone? Or should I wait untill I turn 18?

Marina, I started traveling when I was 16 and never had an issue. Only thing I can think of, at the airport you'll probably need to present a written permission from a parent/ guardian. Also booking hostels in advance would be a good idea, in case some spots don't accept 18
I say it totally depends where and what. I went on my first overseas trip at 19 and did fine but now, a decade later, I can see some situations that could have ended very poorly and I just got lucky. What about group travel?
Hi Marina. I'm with Kate. There are many places you can go where you'll be safer and things you can do to stay safe(r). For instance... Avoid arriving to a new city at night time. Perhaps you can start with shorter trips on your own and test the waters ;)
Hey Marina! i did group travel when I was 18/19 and i thought that a was great fit for that age. Where are you from and where do you want to go?
hey! I live in Japan but I’m Brazilian. I’d really like to go to an English speaking country. And since I’m learning French as well, I thought maybe Canada (Quebec)? Where would you recommend?
Montreal?! And if you're doing a language learning course that would be a great way to meet people.
You should definitely go! Canada is great, but the french spoken there is a bit different from France! But certainly will be a noce experience! All the luck!
I would say this all depends on the individual and level of confidence, maturity, experience, etc and what you want out of it. If it's something you're unsure of i like the idea of a group trip to give you a taste first.