Dayana Aleksandrova's question in Japan


Traveling to Japan soon and will have a day in Tokyo. What are the best snacks to send to friends from Europe? The weirder, the better

Tokyo is famous for the "Tokyo Banana" there are several different flavors, but they're all quite delicious and easy to find at the airport. Other than that you can head to a supermarket and walk down the snack aisle, literally everything will be different so you can't go wrong!
I like all the bizarre KitKat flavours you can get.
Like Stefan said - green tea Kit Kat’s. If you want more different go for the dried out crunchy fish packs... or little rice triangle snacks (seaweed and a bit of fish).
Yesss! Ok, got it - kit kats, seaweed snacks. What about souvenirs that are small enough for me to ship from the aiport to say, Denmark?
All the other responses have got you covered for snacks. For non food souvenirs, I usually bring back chopsticks from Ginza Natsuno Honten (all styles, all price points). You also should go to Tokyu Hands and just browse— that place is souvenir heaven, with uniquely Japanese items. Finally, if there are any stationery lovers, go to Itoya.
thanks!! I am in fact I obsessed with stationery and chop sticks is an amazing idea!
Itoya is a stationery lover’s dream. It’s two full buildings! Also, one more note on food/snacks: check out any major department store depachika (usually in the basement) for higher-end gifts/food, although some may not travel well.