Tara Urban-Engel's question in Japan

Attraction / Stay

A friend and I have a whistle stop for 18 hours in Tokyo. Does anyone have a recommendation for hostel/ hotel that’s easy to get to the Haneda airport? Also, if there’s anything to check out within this super short stop, we’d love suggestions

Hey Tara! Trains are great from Haneda - you could run over to Harajuku and see the Meiji shrine and visit Takeshita Street (funky strange shopping street). Or go to the rooftop at the Mori building in Roppongi Hills for an amazing view. Heck, even going through Tokyo station is crazy (it’s some 10 levels deep worth of platforms.)
And if you are feeling crazy - Mt Fuji is only a couple hour Shinkansen (bullet train) ride away. You could totally do a quick trip out to the base of Fuji and get to ride the bullet train.
Also if you are into sushi - check out Tsukiji fish market. It’s a bit touristy but why not :)