Paul K Porter's question in United Kingdom


Any TravelStokers fancy a festive Meetup in London ? Wednesday 13th December from 7pm, Christmas jumper is optional, location tbc

I will be faraway from London :-( looks a pretty nice event! Sad me
Last time was so fun!
I would but i have another event, in London, that night. Other dates are fine!
Hey Paul, Oohhh might be able to. Where were you thinking of? On another note, I seem to be having an issue with the app. I'm in Copenhagen and have a few spots to add, but everytime I add the photo and press the 'next' arrow it closes the app down. Is there anything I can do to rectify this. I want to start adding :)
even after updating it and/or uninstalling and reinstalling the app?
Looking at a spot near New Cross station on Dec 14th :) We can have a little networking / photography session with beer and wine :)
If you guys want to keep the 13th It's ok, but if you are targeting the 14th now i'll definitely try make it!
The place I hope to use can’t do the 13th either so hopefully the 14th works :) be great to catch up again ??
Aye ok. Yes!
Hello Travelstokers, so the Red Lion Coffee Co will host our meetup on the 14th. Check out I did add it as a travelstoke spot already. They do great coffee, local food, beer and wine.  My friend Justin and I will be there to talk a little about some food photography and we… 
Aye bene! Ci vediamo!
Sorry, I’ve been meaning to respond as I keep seeing the emails pop up. Tonight clashes with our school mums night out (after I’ve finished my Beaver leading duties - don’t ask! ?). Definitely up for a catch up next year though. Off to Mexico on the 26th so looking forward to adding my fave places…