Lisbon, Portugal
Susana Nobre
Wellll.... I do love travel, I'm a solo traveler, I have a passion for deep culture countries, ancient knowledge, nature and wildlife, collect world heritage places, when I travel I look to be closer to the locals, I like to feel the people of these countries, and learn… 
Giving Advice Culture, sports, photography, nature and outdoors... over Portugal, England, Scotland, And UK in general, Morocco, and also about the places I had been on. Just PM me.
Meeting Up Travel, Travel and travel. Available to join small groups. Meet-up to chat. Share information about travel (what else ??), rucksack travel, wild and free, explorer, sports, nature/wildlife and outdoors, sail and road trips, sports in general, good vibes and big laughs ???
Interests adventure travel, adventures, beer, camping, concerts, culture, diving, hiking, making memories, music, people, photography, rock climbing, street food, tacos
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