Susana Nobre's question in United States


Anyone planning to go to the US, just to explore National Parks and Outdoors? Next Year... I’m planning a wild and free way to go! Active, adventurous, who does love camping and road trips ;) Suggestions or someone who wants to join me on this, once I am a solo traveler... My best regards

Hey Susana - I’m based out of Denver and could chat about road trips and things out west (Colorado, Utah, etc.) and along the East Coast (Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, etc). Shoot me a message if you want to chat!
I tried to contact you... but something went wrong :( I was thinking to go from and to S.Francisco. Like a road trip with a motorhome our a van. Camping and enjoy the National Parks with somebody who’s want to do the same, and of course join the locals like you, they are the best travel guides :)))… 
Hey susana I’m a road trip camping addcit and have gone a ton of places on the west coast if you need advice. I have a couple lists made up on here too you can check out?
Hey Susan I am from Belize I love out door adventures and camping this sounds quite nice... I’d want to join..
Hi Nicole. Can you share the list since in 2 weeks I am heading on road trip from Seattle to Reno. Apprecaitr it
@Ahmed Azzam for some reason I can’t copy it onto here but check out my lists on my profile