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What’s the best place in States for Solo traveler ?

California hands down
It depends on what you are interested in doing. California has many big cities to explore such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. New York has so much to see and do. If you venture to the US / Candian border there is Niagara Falls and many wineries.
CA, Yosemite national park
What types of things are you into? The US has so much diversity of cities/landscape/activities for any solo traveler however it will really depend on what type of things that traveler likes to do.
Thanks i am gonna take that advise. Just wanna know how is Air BNB for stay there ?
thanks , I am gonna take your advise too. I am visiting NYC, Boston, Las Vegas and LA. Just wanna know is is good traveling via road from Vegas to LA. Like there is any buses going, are they in good condition ? Or should I consider something else.
I've drove to Vegas from L A twice. There are great hidden treasures along the way.
Thanks great advise, I was considering that in the first place as I love being around nature. But since my plan is between Vegas and LA I think I might have to skip it this time. Also, I have just been back from a trek near Himalayas. But thanks nyways ?
Hi thanks for your message. I want to explore the place, meet new people see local culture. But open to ideas, adventure sports is also something I enjoy. So may be para sailing could be a good option.
Hi i am sure the drive must be good. Infact I am a fan of road trip. But just that I am traveling for the first time and don’t know the terrain, don’t wanna take chances. Unless I am with local traveller. But thanks for your advise any ways.
My oppinion is that the east coast offers much closer proximity in driving point to point, also for seeing drastic differences in culture and geography. But it sounds like your a city boy on this trip. LA, Vegas, NYC, SF—I’ve been, and would not need to visit them again for decades. Take a good… 
Well noted will keep that in mind. Thanks ??
The only place you really need to go in the States is New York City.
Thanks , yes that’s my first destination landing on 26th ???
If you'll be in New York and are looking for delicious treats to eat, check out some of my New York food lists!
Thanks looks amazing, will definitely try some. Specially the pizza ?
Great Mayur, you will love it! I’ve got a bunch of NYC lists up, music, art, food... Maybe they would be helpful.
Amazing ?? I checked all of them. The Veg Food Spot list is very helpful though. Coz me and My family are born vegetarians ? Thanks again ??