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If you have one day in DC what should you do?

Go to the National Mall and just walk around. See all the various memorials, the White House, the reflecting pool. If you’re lucky in the spring the cherry blossoms will be blooming all around the lake and people will be playing frisbee and hanging on the lawn
Would love to see the cherry blossoms! What's the best month to do that?
It’s usually in March. There is a whole website dedicated to the cherry blossom festival. It’ll tell you when prime bloom is cause it does depend on the weather.
Sorry usually late March and Early April
Time to pack the bags I guess! ?
Agree with Laura. The National Mall is a must. My particular favorite thing there is the WW2 monument. The Smithsonian museums along the mall are incredible as well so if your one day in DC is a bad weather day (and we have A LOT of bad weather days) that’s a great way to spend it indoors. The… 
this sounds great! Can you recommend any soecific spots when you say "ethnic"? I love trying out new recipes! Keeping the thread on here so everyone can see your suggestions :)
I’d say grab lunch or drinks at Old Ebbit, it’s a staple, close to the Mall. Have some oysters!! For dinner go to Maydan, it’s like you are swept away to Morocco as soon as they open the door to restaurant, the smell of the smoke from the open fire grill hits you and as well as the music, lighting… 
Oh wow, so many options! If you’re into African cuisines, the Silver Spring area (accessible by metro) is considered “Little Africa” by the diaspora here. Several Ethiopian, West African, and Moroccan restaurants to choose from. Meleket is a fairly new Ethiopian place in SS worth trying. There are… 
Oooooh wow. It depends on what day of the week you are going! If it’s during the week: I’d say start at the National Museum of African American History and Culture (if you can get tickets!); a couple of monuments (FDR and MLK are my favorites); if it’s during cherry blossom season, you can walk… 
Also, you could do Adams Morgan for both Happy Hour and dinner to get the most bang for your time/experiences.
yes and yes to Ethiopian!!
definitely loving the happy hour suggestion!
Def agree with going to POV rooftop bar at the W Hotel! Also one thing with regards to all the monuments, memorials, and Smithsonian Museums along the National Mall that I don’t think anyone has mentioned yet: They’re all FREE!
If you only have one day, it’s best to stay in DC proper and walk everywhere as well. Lots of great food around Howard University, too.
D.C. is not a one day trip place I think there is so much to do you would just want to do so much and some places there is a wait to see some of their real interesting things. The place that will forever be in my mind will be the holocaust museum, I do think is not for everyone, it’s very good…