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Any cheap recommendations on how to get from Newark area to La Guardia Airport? Is the shuttle the best way?

Managing this on public transportation would be pretty difficult, there’s no good way to do this route. I’ve never taken the shuttle but I’m pretty sure either that or an Uber or Lyft ride is your best bet. And give yourself lots of time, the traffic is a killer!
La Guardia is not on any subway line so public transport is difficult. A taxi into the city from LaGuardia is 30+ dollars so I am guessing the shuttle is the best option.
We use Night and Day car service. It’s not as cheap as public transit might be but it’s competitive with Uber sometimes.
We ubered during rush hour and it was around $100 and took very long. Definitely would see about a shuttle or alternatively transportation.
Oops! Alternative**
Thank u for all the suggestions ?