Tayla Tucker's question in Australia

Attraction / Outdoor

Hi! I will be traveling to Australia for 2 weeks in November. Starting in Sydney and want to make my way to the Great Barrier Reef! Does anyone have any suggestions for some fun outdoorsy things to do on the way? What is the best way to get there? Any 'must see' places? Thanks in advance ?

Hi Tayla. If you’re here for 2 weeks only, you’ll be best to fly between Sydney and Far North Queensland, the city of Cairns for your tripping to the Great Barrier Reef. You could stop on the way up from Sydney at the Gold Coast at Coolangatta then fly on up to Cairns from there. When in Sydney, do… 
Cairns is a must. Byron Bay and Fraser Island are also good spots. If you want to squeeze in any more spots then go for a small group tour. There’s some out that fit Sydney to Cairns into 2 weeks.
I'll be in Australia in Dec and Tasmania is in my list!