Beata's question in United States

Attraction / Food

In NY for two weeks mid April. Planning lot of walking and coffee drinking during the day. Bagels, pizza etc. Anyone doing similar things?

I can give you a few recommendations. I like Two Boots for pizza, I only get the vegan selections but if their other slices are just as good, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this place. For bagels, Zabars on the Upper West Side is a good choice. If you’d like more suggestions and let me know specifically… 
Hot jumbo bagels in midtown, lil Frankie’s or keste for pizza.
Here are some pizza ideas!
Patsy’s pizza m, hands down!
Thank you Ladies!
Hey Beata, if you are still in NYC I suggest you check out Joe Coffee. They are a small local chain and ther brews are fantastic! They’ve got a few locations in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn.