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Any recommendations for Prague, Vienna, Bratislava & Bucharest in April?

Here's how to tour Prague
And here is some local advice on Vienna by
Hey MW! Dayana sent you a list I put together... but curious what you are interested in? Prague has a bunch of beautiful architecture and great sights for walking around, but can be very crowded. If you enjoy medieval architecture and don’t mind crowds, check out Okd Town Square, Charles Bridge… 
Smichov was a cool area which recently underwent a bit of a transformation from industrial to more residential and a little hipster. The ALE bar was a quaint little beer bar and the area was neat to walk around in and way quieter/less busy than old town.
You have to check out Nase Maso. Officially it’s a butcher shop, but they cook and sell their meats onsite, so it’s also a restaurant. Really quirky, and really tiny! I really enjoyed it. I recommend trying the sausages too ??
Oh! And there’s a great little cave bar underground called Popo Cafe, which has quite cheap drinks. After head over the Chapeau Rouge, a club with three different floors playing three different genres, I recommend the middle one, which plays hip hop.
A visit to the Gellert Baths in Budapest is mandatory, beautiful setting, fun and relaxing at the same time. In Vienna, the Egon Schiele Museum is unforgettable.
In Bratislava, we stayed in the LOFT Hotel behind the Presidental Palace. It’s a little pricey but even if you don’t stay there, I recommend popping in for a beer. They have their own brewery on the premises and it’s truly high quality.