Shaline Vijayan's question in United Kingdom

Looking for budget-friendly places to stay in London. Any tips?

Premier Inns is a low budget chain with lots of locations in London. You might want to check them out
You can try Easyhotels or head to Paddington. They are in an abundance. If you flip to the 'map option' on will find a dozen in this area on this date you mentioned at around the £70 mark (for double en suites). Also try the Comfort Inn (priced at £70 on the dates you mentioned). Good luck! =T
There is a St Christopher’s inn hostel that has just been built right in the centre of London only a 500 meter walk from London bridge. Perfect location
Back off Ben, you are out of line. This site is not for that..
I stayed at the Dictionary hostel in Shoreditch. It was about £25/30 each night, really cheap. I like Shoreditch because it is a really cool neighborhood, kind o hipster. But if you are looking for a more traditional kind of London postcard area maybe I wouldn’t recommend
Highly recommend Dictionary hostel in Shoreditch.