Field Restaurant
For those into the culinary arts and are au fait with Czech chefs, you'll probably know Radek Kašparek. Being the man behind the cooking, I was eager to get a taste of his work. Field has defended this title for having a one star Michelin status for over five years. With such a prestigious accolade I entered the door without any scepticism. The ambience is anything but snobby. Instead, Field displays a relaxed airy feel, much like walking into a contemporary art gallery. The decor was minimalist, clean and welcoming, with some stylish light projections on the ceiling. Smiles beamed around the room and I knew before being seated I'd have a satisfying lunch to kick start the weekend. The meal began with potato bread accompanied with Czech cottage cheese infused with poppyseed oil and butter – yummy. Out of a series of dishes the beef and cauliflower puree particularly stood out from the rest. The meat was deliciously seasoned with shallots on the side and very light garnish. Added to this was a very rich and umami beef and truffle gravy. One mouthful and my appetite was fully sated. The lightly carbonated water I had by my side soon cut through the thick pleasing taste and balanced the flavour in my mouth. Overall I cannot really fault this venue besides having more comfortable chairs to sink into in order to spend longer there. Staff were good humoured and extremely learned about the intricacies of all the dishes. Hearing about their understanding of the history and flavours of the wine selection, in English, was most impressive. I can highly recommend coming here. The name Field is very much in line with the experience and personality of the restaurant. Earthy flavours and simple aesthetics are just some examples that contribute to this establishment. #finedining #michelinstar #field #restaurants #lunch
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