Růžový Máj Náplavka
Růzový Máj festival in Náplavka present 25 national rosé wines from mainly the region of Moravia. Glasses (purchased near Zeleznični Bridge) cost 100 CZK each and could be used whilst parading around the stalls for refills. One pleasing element of this event was the option of opting for 0.05 litre measures for as little as 15 CZK, allowing multiple tastings without getting too inebriated! The Klaret St. Laurent 2016 semi-dry was perfectly palatable for my tastebuds and was the first stall we stumbled upon. Among other great tastings in my book were the Prague produced Salabka - André Rose 2016 and Líbal - Svatovavřinecké rosé 2016. Food was mediocre but was savory enough to soak up the alcohol from a moderately warm afternoon in Prague. I liked the traditional dances which were performed with such panache, that it made a pleasing addition to the event on the banks of the Vltava. Along the waterfront teams played volleyball on large floats, canoes and a bevy of swans glided past and all was a rather joyous affair. #burgers #lunch #dancing
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