Vyšehrad Cemetery
What Père Lachaise is to Paris or Novodevichy Cemetery is to Moscow - Vyšehrad Cemetery is to Prague. The complex of just 1 hectare comprises of over 600 famous notables ranging from artists and musicians to comedians and even footballers. It's worth perusing the map of personages outside one of the gates to the cemetery which will enable you to locate who you want to see, faster. It's positioned next to the entrance to the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul. Come up close to world renowned Antonín Dvořák and shake hands with the statue of Vlasta Burian - a jack of all trades most noted for his stand up comedy. What makes this graveyard particular eerie and unearthly however is how it is constructed upon two other previous burial sites dating as far back as 1260. #statue
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