[CLOSED] Maso a kobliha
Maso a Kobliha is an operational butcher shop-cum-café and associated with the Real Meat Society. Its metal deli counter displaying cuts of meat at the entrance and heavy duty fridges behind the serving area give it quite a quirky edge. The establishment, like with the restaurant Sansho opposite, holds Bib Gourmand-status. Besides using organic produce it proudly uses every part of the animal when preparing dishes for clientele. The food is tasty. I sampled their Scotch egg (110 CZK) and was naturally set on devouring one of their famous donuts at 50 CZK. The vanilla cream inside the donut was divine. As vanilla cream generally goes one couldn't really ask for more. The softness of the dough was fluffy and light; not stodgy like some donuts found in fast food chains. Besides meat, most of the menu centres around egg including shakshuka, a common breakfast dish found particularly in Israel. The door wedge slices of bread filled with runny egg could be a sebaceous alternative to soak up alcohol after a night of bacchanalia. Service was more than polite and the manager had a great knowledge of the produce within the establishment. Eager to learn of its sister restaurant, Sansho, the manager was kind enough to open up the place to show me inside, out of opening hours. Overall Maso a Kobliha would make a perfect place for brunch. Don't expect comfortable seating but instead focus your attention on its hearty food and warm welcome. #coffee #free-wifi
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