Black Royal
There is something a little unique about Black Royal as far as Vietnamese cooking in Prague goes. Here, all meals are prepared with style and cooked with heart. In fact the team behind this establishment pays close attention to the emerging trends of their country's cuisine without getting bogged down by the cooking customs of yesteryear. It's more than just pho and a greasy spring roll at this upscale Vinohrady spot. These fusion dishes, centred on tastes of Vietnam, bring about a kaleidoscope of Asian influences to your table. Perhaps you'll opt for the Japanese maki wrapped in rice paper and lettuce, essential ingredients for Vietnamese spring rolls? After a mouth-watering array of mains you can savour a refreshing scoop of Thai, coconut ice-cream nestled on a bed of Singaporean, purple glutinous rice. The edible flowers, sprinklings of sesame seeds and crispy fried shallots, appearing in a lot of dishes, gave a real lift to my experience. Drinks are jazzy and upbeat and the Italian red is delectable. As for the restaurant's layout it's as tastefully presented as every bowl and plate. #vietnamese #fusionfood #coffee #dinner #fine-dinning #drinks
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