Dancing House - Tančící dům hotel
One of my favourite buildings in Prague is Dancing House. It was nicknamed Fred and Ginger in tribute to the well known dancers Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire. Thus, is also coined Dancing House. Its creation came about almost 50 years after a World War Two blunder. In short, American forces bombed the spot the building stands on thinking it was enemy lines in Dresden! Vaclav Havel, the well respected president of 1989, supported the construction of this controversial building. Viewed by others as not in keeping with the historical architecture, Dancing House stands proud to this day. Tonight, like many other important buildings in Prague, it's lit blue to mark the 75th anniversary of the UN. You should certainly spare a moment for this unique landmark. Once eating and drinking venues reopen; sink a cocktail in their circular terrace designed like a giant birds nest on eighth. #cocktails #bar #beer #views #Prague
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