Letna Park
Letná Park (Letenské sady) is positioned on an embankment overlooking most of Prague. It is also the location in which you can take snap shots of one of Prague's most photographed scenes - a series of bridges spanning down the Vltava River. With your back to the river facing the Metronome, turn left and walk towards Hanavský Pavilion. Equidistant there is a viewing point in which you can get snap happy. Coming at different times of the day and seasons lends itself to a cornucopia of hues and lights over the bridges and environs. One of the true joys of this park however is spending time here in early spring when you can spot a range of birds in the trees before the leaves appear. The Eurasian Jay and European green woodpecker are just some of the delights the park hosts. During the summer the park is also the location of concerts and cultural events. The park has an ongoing presence and buzz, among the seemingly constant flow of topless skateboarders, ollieing and flipping off the steps, behind the Metronome.
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