Grand Café Orient
The cubist style Grand Cafe Orient in Prague was empty until after I arrived. Then a family of four rocked up and seated themselves in the far corner. This place is normally heaving with people. I ensconced myself on the balcony overlooking a docile street, void of the usual throngs of oriental and mediterranean tour groups. Fluctuating temperatures are pushing 30 degrees C and the breeze makes it a perfect spot to take advantage of the outside seating. The Chinese proverb, 'people mountain, people sea' would normally hold much relevance for a July afternoon here. 1920's jazz emanate from below the awning of the entrance and I'm quite content. You can make short work of their 17 types of pancakes, various sundaes and decent cocktails for agreeable prices. Coffees start at 55 CZK (1.75 GBP). This place is about as cubist as you can find from quadrilateral shaped coat pegs, mirrors and chairs to decorated crockery. #restaurants #coffee #breakfast #art
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