La Gare
La Gare is an upscale French restaurant in the New Town of Prague. It's easily noticeable by the large red sign on the wall outside written 'La Gare'. The interior is inviting and rather elegant. It's cosy to say the least. Most of the waiters are of a genial disposition and I was therefore content with how we were treated from my first encounter. As for menu it offers grilled meats, fish and a smorgasbord of inviting starters. Whilst some dishes did not meet my expectations the overall experience was up to snuff. It was International Mother's Day thus didn't choose to hold back on glasses of wine and appetizers. We kick started with the scallops, escargot and fish soup, alas the latter was disappointingly watery and without much taste. The shellfish was delicately prepared soused in lemon emulsion with a hint of guanciale. Every mouthful glided down beautifully. It was a perfect beginning to fire up ones appetite. As for the snails I can't gripe about the dish. Presentation could have been done with more care but the earthy, buttery flavours were everything I was banking on. They were all Nummy with a capital N so much so we ordered another lot. Grill mussels, prawns and my meal of Coq au Vin ensued. All ticked the 'I'm satisfied box' but we all agreed of the three dishes mine was unrivaled. The thick brown sauce added body to this succulent dish paired with a sprinkling of shallots and button mushrooms which were umami. After an adventure of tastes, despite some gastronomic woes, I left 150 euros lighter and pleased. The location in town is well placed in an atmospheric, upmarket street among other respected contenders in the culinary scene of Prague. #french #fine-dining #meat #fish #grill #Prague
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