Bugsy's Bar
Wash down six finely prepared canapés at four quid (125 CZK) a pop with a Ron Collins at 145 CZK. Then sit back and unwind. This well established cocktail bar, which has been going 21 years, offers everything expected of such an establishment. Guests can select a range of cigars on display at the entrance and sign the champagne visitors book on departing. Bartenders wear black bow ties and are naturally knowledgeable about the list of finger food and drinks. It's advisable to book ahead unless you're partial to propping yourself up at the bar. If you arrive on spec at 7 p.m, the bar is yours to luxuriate. The ambience is pleasant and not remotely pretentious. Owing to its system of making a reservation, and ritzy front, it does well to keep out the lager louts and riff-raff.
58 countries - 625 spots