Ten spots to experience classic Japanese food & culture in Namba District
It is sometimes easy to overlook Osaka which is often considered juvenile compared to her more sophisticated sibling, Tokyo. This was the case for me when the only reason I touched foot in Osaka was because it was close to Kyoto, the tourist capital in Japan that I wanted to visit. I was pleasantly surprised by Osaka though. It evoked memories of my past visits to Tokyo, and at the same time, enthralled me with her wide selection of affordable food and things to do. I have found a chummier and more welcoming location that I can visit over and over again. Osaka was a good way to round up my trip, where I recounted those special unique experiences, past and present, which I’d remembered as the ‘Japanese moments’. Best of all, these moments could be found within the Namba district! Here’s my ten spots in Namba where you can experience classic Japanese food and culture.
Posted by Catherine Cheok
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