How To Road Trip Southern Baja
This road trip is based off of a classic road trip Cabo locals do (some high schools actually do this as part of the history class to teach students about the region), but I note mostly adventure opportunities that are usually not part of that school road trip. It starts in Cabo and ends in Cabo, going through small towns along the long route to La Paz through San José, and coming back through the short and well known route to see Todos Santos and finish with a great Sunset spot that’s about 30 minutes away from Cabo. Many of these places are worthy of spending some time in them so, even though you can do it all in a single day, if you want to enjoy them consider an overnight stay in La Paz, and even camping in one or two other spots. If you visit these places please help us keep them clean by taking back with you everything you bring, even if there’s trash cans, as most of the time it will take a looooong time for that garbage to be picked up and will surely end up in our riverbeds and/or oceans.
Posted by Hassen Salum
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