How To Spend The Perfect Day In Oxford
Oxford, coined the city of spires, achieves international recognition mainly from its association with a world renowned University. It dates back to almost a millenium, making up 38 constituent colleges under its name. The University of Oxford has seen famous writers, politicians, prime ministers and scientists pass through its halls. For those accustomed to British TV series however, it's also been the film setting for Inspector Morse, a detective series played by English actor John Thaw, CBE. Aside from its triumph for well known notables, Oxford demonstrates huge volumes of visitors which swamp its size as a city; just 45 square kilometres. For a city of only 150,000 denizens the mass of tourists seem to make it feel four times the size when traipsing round the quirky streets, little colleges and plethora of English tea houses. Arriving early or finding quiet corners of Oxford is part of the adventure on any visit to this city. On a personal level, Oxford evokes happy childhood memories walking with Mummy and Daddy through the little colleges and slurping ice-creams along Cornmarket Street. Fifteen years on, I'd be herding dozens of European and Asian students in and out of museums and towers with a bit of pep.
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