Samantha O'Brochta's question in Japan


My boyfriend and I will be in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Nara for the first two weeks of November. Would love some recommendations of fun and unique things to do that aren’t the obvious tourist spots.

might have some awesome suggestions!
One thing in Kyoto I did which was a little off the beaten path was visit this chocolate tea house. It was such a wild and interesting experience. If you have the time check it out. You can see my description in my Japan trip.
I was in Tokyo/Kyoto & Nara last are a number of spots in Kyoto. Add'l pieces on my blog
Check out Byodoin (平等院) it's a Buddhist temple built in 1052 located in Kyoto. It's a place that foreign tourists don't usually make it to but it's very popular amongst Japanese tourists as it is the temple on the 10 yen coin. Extremely beautiful.
Completely agree with Joe M. Byodoin in Uji is one of the more understated sites that hardly gets as much attention as its neighbours. If you can, try a night visit to the temple when it is fully illuminated (open on certain nights ; check out their website for details) And while… 
I agree with the others! Byodoin and Uji are a real treat. If you are interested in trying a different kind of onsen (Japanese onsen), check out Spa World in Osaka. Also, for Osaka nightlife, the Shinsaibashi area is best but go out for dinner around Dotonbori first! I have tons of spots on here…