Spyros Andreou's question in Japan


Travelling to Japan in April 18!! How would you suggest we spend 12 nights? Current itinerary is 6 nights Tokyo, 1 night hakone (or takayama maybe?), 2-3 nights kyoto, 1-2 nights osaka and back.

3 nights in Kyoto and 1 in Osaka is best for that area. Are you taking the train around? What is drawing you to Takayama specifically? If you're going to that region, Shirakawa-go is best but you'd want a car for that.
By train mainly yes! Actually ive seen videos of a festival there that is taking place when we will be in Japan and also the old traditional roads ive also seen in videos photos etc. So Shirakawa-go is not accessible by train? Any other towns to experience traditional japanese ryokans you would suggest?
I agree with Amelia. Make it three nights in Kyoto and one night in Osaka. You’ll want to stay in Osaka for the food but Kyoto has so much more to see.
Ahh now I got it! And yes, no train station in Shirakawa-go but buses do go there. As for the ryokan, maybe look in Hakone? I'd recommend Kusatsu in Gunma but that's still 3 hours from Tokyo by a train and bus combo (both covered by the JR Rail Pass). Otherwise, you can still find loads of ryokan options in Kyoto.
If you can find Kagaya bar , that was quite a wild dinner experience
I really want to go to Kagaya! I found it one time but it was closed.
Overwelming responses guys thanks a lot! Actually hakone was one of our options, due to the surrounding area as well we have been told its beautiful! Ill also check Shirakawa-go. Kegaya bar i havent heard about ill have that in mind as well!!!
Amelia, wow, Shirakawa-go looks amazing!! Especially in winter! Kusatsu looks nice as well but im amazed with shirakawa now that ive seen photos.
I've only been to Shirakawa-go in spring but the winter scenes I've seen into photos are yes, simply magical!
Amazing thread everyone. Thanks for using this Q&A feature! It seems to be working!!
First of all awesome choice on Japan! April is a beautiful month, although it can be extremely busy for the cherry blossom season, I recommend booking accommodation well in advance because popular places will be sold out! I totally agree with the 3 nights in Kyoto and 1 in Osaka. I personally… 
Joe M let me digest all your suggestions and come back with a comment ;) thanks!!
I agree with everything Joe said! It just depends on whether you want to move around a lot during your trip or not.
So Joe, JR pass is in the cart already! Tokyo is actually 5 nights since the first is our arrival night and we are getting directly to the hotel/room for some sleep! Do you still think 5 nights is to much? Hiroshima was in the plan but a friend told us to leave it out for now and maybe visit next… 
This is a great thread and timely as I am also planning in visiting Japan next spring.
Guys amazing thread! Don’t miss the other Japan thread/question about what “Owl Cafes” to check out. Masa Yashiro, a Tokyo travelstoke local left some killer advice! Thanks for making this Q&A function work!