Spyros Andreou's question in Japan


So, decided to post a new question rather than adding to the awesome replies i had on my previous one! Whats your view/experiences on airbnb satys in Tokyo ( and Japan in general)? Reason im asking, they are considerably more affordable (half price at times) from hotels and double the space a hotel offers you. Ive had mixed results and responses ( late responses, no answwers to questions etc) from hosts when i contacted a few of them but their reviews are great! Also is bnbing still illegal over there?

Airbnb is fine over there! Knowing Japanese hospitality, I think Airbnb-ing there would be great. The places listed all around Tokyo look awesome as well. Any chance if you haven't gotten responses because the hosts don't speak English? Let me know if you'd like me to send a message in Japanese for you.
Great. Ill book a room on airbnb then because honestly its a lot lot cheaper than hotels and the rooms are twice the size. Most of the hosts indeed could not speak english and thats something that i thought would make me feel kinda nervous (if we have an emergency, lost the key or anything else… 
I agree with Amelia, you probably haven't gotten responses due to language barriers. I've stayed in Airbnb's in Tokyo/Japan and never had any issues. The number of places can be limited if you only want someone that speaks English, but Google translate is an amazing invention! It's not always…