Sanco Ghurburrun's question in Japan

Attraction / Stay

Hi everyone. Planning 7 days in Japan in April. Any suggestions of places to go or itinerary??! Thx.

Tokyo - shibuya , ginza , uneo Park Osaka - universal studio, dotonbori
Thanks! I’ll work on a plan! Since it’s in Cherry blossom time, surprisingly many places already booked!
I really enjoyed Kanazawa if you can get out there.
Kyoto and Hiroshima - very moving seeing the A dome, the surviving building of the atomic bomb.
Seems all the places I’ve read about and you mention are cool. Time is the only limitation.. I’ll try some tour and personalized planning and see what we can do. One little additional help: anyone know of a good live rock band bar in Tokyo or Kyoto?
If you have seven whole days, I’d recommend Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima as your itinerary. Get the Japan Rail Pass! You should be able to see a lot of cherry blossoms but it kinda depends on your exact location and what part of April you’re going in.
I lived in Japan for 5 years, traveling all over the country, so feel free to shoot me a message with all of your questions! :)
Great Amelia thx! Let me breath all this in and revert in the week end..! Some travelling you’ve been up to.! Phew.