Norhisham Abdul Wahid's question in Japan


Is it possible not to get the JR rail pass if I’m going around Japan , especially from Tokyo to Osaka & Kyoto too

You can fly to Osaka for less than the cost of the rail pass and for less than the Shinkansen train round trip. What’s your itinerary though as that’s a huge factor?
I will arrive in Tokyo 1st , a couple of days staying here then off to staying in Osaka , maybe going to Kyoto from Osaka for a day trip or two , which JR rail pass should I get ? The normal one or the the specific one within regions ?
Do you have specific things you want to do in Osaka? I actually think it’s better for you to stay in Kyoto and then do a day trip to Osaka or so. There is a lot more to do in Kyoto and Nara! I would get the normal rail pass because it will cover your journey from Tokyo. The last time I went to…