Juan Wolf's question in Japan

Food / Stay

Hi! I am going to Japan at the beginning of February and am still finishing my plan. Any suggestions of cities/ places that are a must in a visit to this country? I gave almost 3 weeks and flexibility to do and go anywhere amazing! Thanks!

Best wishes
I really enjoyed Kanazawa! Cool museums, sweet old city, and one of the best meals of my life at Plat Home.
Great, I will go there! Thanks for the suggestion.
Japan has some really nice powdery snow if you ski. There is snow festival in Hokkaido dung Feb.
Welcome to Japan
I am living Mashico and Niigata.very nice place.
I was in Japan, last year. You can check out our detailed itinerary/list on my profile.
I visited all the places you suggested and loved them all. Really enjoyed my stay in Jalan, thanks all for the advise!
Wow, that just made my day Juan. Happy to be of help. Your feed is awesome, I have been seeing your Japan journey :)