These Are The Most Striking Churches In Timişoara
Since the middle of the sixteenth century Timişoara has been under the influence of Ottomans and Habsburgs. After the world wars Romania was subject to Systematization involving strict urban planning under the authoritarian communist leader, Ceaușescu. As a result, Baroque, Secessionist buildings - and more recently Socialist style apartment blocks - leave their mark on what makes up the city today. Places of worship here range greatly in style and age, leaving passersby agog as to when and why they sprouted up in Timişoara. What prompted me to write about the churches of this city was as much to do with their history, as their aesthetic appeal. The contrast of neglected apartment blocks amidst restored Art Nouveau houses surprised me equally to turning a corner and seeing such houses devoted to God. From eighteenth century baroque to postmodernist buildings with glass-fronted walls, Timişoara will please those seeking churches, old and new.
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