Top 10 Places To Experience In Kïev
Whether it's evidence of Mongol invasions you're interested in; hoards of Scythian gold or to simply just to gaze at the august government buildings from yesteryear; Kïev is just the ticket. The energy reverberated from the Orange Revolution and later through Euro Maidan can still be felt especially when spending time rubbing shoulders with locals. Memories of parades, patches of grandiosity sprinkled around the city; coupled with down-to-earth market stalls, kiosks and rustic boulevards still twang on my heart strings. From the drums and Soviet uniforms of the Maidan processions on the 1st May to the electronic 90's music of Hydropark at weekends - still trapped in the last millennia - Kïev boasts an identity of its very own, ready to get acquainted with.
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