10 Free and Cool Things To Do In Muscat
Oman is home to the 3rd strongest currency in the world and that alone is enough to put a lot of travellers off. When car hire is cheap and fuel is only 0.2 OMR (£0.40 / $0.50) a litre it actually makes the country an amazing place to discover! I visited Muscat, the coastal capital and was amazed at how far our money went and definitely want to share the beautiful city with the world. Muscat has a mix of modern malls and complexes juxtaposed against the traditional corniche and omnipresent Hajar mountains that fence in the city. The Omani people are so welcoming to tourists, you’re often offered dates and Arabic coffee in exchange for a few minutes of your companionship. It really is a jewel in the Middle Eastern crown!
Posted by Kathryn
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