Top Landmarks to Check Out in Baku
Dubbed the Dubai of the Caucasus, Baku easily lives up to this reputation. The three flame towers are a flash of neon flickering overload. Fire being an important of ancient Azerbaijani culture, these three towers are a true symbol of modern day Baku. Besides these bolt, bright delights you can skim through a take on little Venice. Marvel at international hotels such as The Four Seasons, which cut their identity into the skyline beside the calm waters of The Caspian sea. Baku among its 2.2 million inhabitants is a splendid mix of medieval buildings enveloped by showy, modern architecture. Within all this, it's sprinkled with Soviet style interiors from yesteryear. Places like the National Museum is a testament to a Russian presence. Aside from all the glass, limestone and marble making up the city, lies a plethora of unique landmarks worth seeing. Traffic is aggressive and footbridges are few and far between. Taking a death defying leap over the four lane traffic is an adrenaline fix to say the least. Managing one is digestible but five consecutive highways made me question a gap in town priorities over practicality.
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