10 spots for a foodie tour in Singapore
Singapore is a small city though it has a rather capacious food scenes dotted with enough surprises well worth your time to explore. It even has its very own Michelin Singapore guide now with ratings for international cuisine, vegetarian to the very local. The guide calls the local fare as Singaporean though I consider it more Southeast Asia as you can find these dishes in our neighbouring countries too. Though just like in all cuisine, the cooking would probably be presented and taste slightly different from one place to another. The good thing about being here is, you can find a fair mix of cuisines to satisfy your cravings on any day. I sat down and asked myself if it is possible to explore a place with an itinerary based on culinary experience. The food should be satisfactory at minimum, and set in an exciting surrounding. I drew up a list and with my backpack and iPhone in hand, I set foot on this food-inspired exploration in my own city. After thoughts: I don’t claim to be a food enthusiast though according to my friends, I have a picky palette. However there is no reason to deter from sharing what one may enjoy despite the shallow culinary exposure. The recommendations here are curated for their reasonable food standard and the accompanying experience it may offer based on their location. This means that some other food delights like satay and chicken rice or the hotpot action and local dessert at Liang Seah Street may be left out though do not let that stop you from seeking out these fares!
Posted by Catherine Cheok
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